Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Harv's doing pretty well. Still has the NG tube, but in no pain (except for a bit of skin irritation in his nose from the tube). He's already walked 20 laps and is gettin' ready to walk again. 

I went home for lunch and when I came back he was trying some chicken broth. It that works well, then they may decide to remove the tube later. Basically, he's on a clear liquid diet now. I'm pretty sure (at least I hope) they plan to take it slowly just to make sure everything's alright.

There was a time when he went home a little too early and we ended up back in the ER/hospital shortly after we left. Don't much wanna do that again.

(He's out in the hall just zoomin' around the floor. Has to take his IV pole with him and he seems like he's flyin'... )  :-)

Please note: if you don't see an update, then things are pretty much the same.... As has been the case before, no news is good news.

Love you peeps!


Betsy True said...

Hope that gown stays closed!

Unknown said...

Carrie, Let Harvey know that if you squint just right you can see through a boundary bay IPA thus making it a clear liquid.

Unknown said...

Carrie, Cindy's (one of the original four from NAPC) dad is just home a day ago from the hospital for the same thing, twisted small intestines. The LORD is so good.