Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've been thinkin' about Valentine's Day and knowin' that Harv's not gonna be here for it. I've been kinda bothered about it, but not really upset 'cause it wasn't a GIGANTIC thing for us.  We would usually go out for a nice dinner and we'd give each other cards and sometimes he'd give me flowers and chocolate. But mostly, I haven't been terribly concerned that we wouldn't celebrate together.

Last night, as I was gettin' ready for bed, I noticed the stack of things on my bedside table. It's been buggin' me for a while 'cause it was gettin' too "tall" and things weren't sittin' flat. So, I decided to straighten things up.

I found this:

It's a book Harv made for me with 100 reasons why he loves me.

Call me crazy, but he was talkin' to me last night. He was sendin' me a very clear message.

I love you, too, Harv.


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