Monday, November 16, 2015


You'll never guess what just happened! 

I was walking Raney around the block real quick and I turned into a subdivision to make the loop... I saw a lady crossing the street with mail to put in the mailbox. Two things I noticed: she was older and she was wearing an apron. You don't see many people wearin' aprons these days... Least I don't wear 'em often. It kinda reminded me of Mama when she would bake... or fry chicken or something.

Anyway! I said "Mornin'!" And she said "Mornin'!" just like I did!!!!! I said, "You said 'Mornin' like a southerner." She said "I'm from Northern Louisiana." I said, "I'm from Atlanta." 

As you might expect we visited for a few minutes and talked about how people don't understand us when we talk. She told me she's 85. I told her that Harvey had died recently. She told me her husband died three years ago and how much she misses him. She said she was making strawberry bread and that it was his favorite and it made her think about him so much. I told her about lighting the candle for Harv each day and that I miss Harvey, too. She asked where I lived and I told her. She said "I hope you'll stop by sometime. I'm here most every day and especially after noon."  I said that I would stop by....

I think it's kinda funny that shortly after I posted my last blog post -- which included Harv's blog post about the southern in me -- that I would meet and chat with and feel like I had made a new friend with a SOUTHERNER! 

I liked that start to my day!

Thanks, Harv! 

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