Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Well, there's insurance to deal with

As has been true with previous new regimens, we have to wait until insurance approves it. And, so, we will not start this Thursday as we had originally thought.

Though I am really ready to kick this cancer, I am kinda okay about not going to Seattle again this week. (Just took the girls down so they could catch their 5:15 a.m. flight today. We went last night and spent the night in a not-very-quiet hotel and got up at 3:00 so they could be at the airport in plenty of time. I was back in Bellingham by 6:30 this morning... So I'm a teeny weensy bit tired right now...and I'm kinda okay just chillin' in B'ham for a few more days.) 

What Dr. Lin is hoping to do is get Harv on a treatment that includes Folfox, gemcitabine and IL-2 (immune booster). It's in the early stages of implementation. There are only two other patients at SCCA who are doing it...but you know what we say: Harv likes to excel at things. So I'm thinkin' he's gonna be one that succeeds with the new stuff.  There's a possibility that they may require him to have the shots administered down there so that they can observe him for any reactions... That might be a pain in the neck, but, you know... if it makes him healthy, then hey!

I think things seem scarier when one is tired and before actually starting something new...  And, sometimes it's nice to just let something soak in a little bit.

Much love.

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