Monday, July 22, 2013

There is now a plan

We rec'd a call late this afternoon from Dr. Lin's office with our new plan.... 

Harv will go on Thursday for a very full day of blood work, education about the new chemo and then a long time of infusion (six hours!). He will also be sent home with a pump.  And, there will be some immune booster shots that he'll have to give himself for about 3 days a week. He is currently scheduled for four rounds and will go every two weeks.

First of all, let me say that I am SO THANKFUL for smart people like researchers and doctors who are working so hard to find ways to make Harv have a good, long life. I am thankful that Dr. Park believes it's too risky to do surgery -- which is really BETTER for Harv than if he DID the surgery right now. And, I am thankful that Dr. Lin has devised a new strategy. I am thankful that there are still options.

However, I'm a little bit scared, too... I REALLY don't want Harv to feel bad. A lot of that is for him, but it's also a selfish thing. If he feels bad, there's a pretty good chance that there's nothing I can do to help him. And, I don't like that.

Please pray again like you've prayed in the past for Harv to have wonderful results with minimal discomfort. Please pray that I will be a help and not an annoyance as I try to help him. Please pray that there will be quick progress so that maybe he won't have to have as many rounds of chemo as are currently scheduled. (They booked four rounds, but hopefully there won't be a need for all of them if he responds well... That's me talkin' -- not any of the medical professionals.)

My brain is full. My babies leave for a volunteer program tomorrow and will be gone for two weeks.  There are a lot of details floating in my head just to get them ready. And, there's the mama part of that --  you know, all the thoughts that go on in the head when you send your children away from you. (YOU know what I mean, don't you?!)  Please pray for a safe and wonderful trip for them and peace in this mama's heart.

Anyway -- thank you for being concerned and interested in our lives. Thank you for all you do to make our lives easier and more pleasant.  We love you... and we are still GoFightWinnin' and we still have lots of HOPE. 

Bless you.

P.S. I still hate cancer.


Jamie Imus said...

We love y'all and feel for ya. Y'all are in our prayers tonight. -The IMI

Betsy True said...

So glad there is a plan. Prayin'.


amymck said...

p.s. i do too.....and i continue to pray for havey, for you......for your girls. and for laura too! you all have been through so much, yet you continue to rely on THE ONE who holds it all in his mighty hands. he's got this.......he's got your sweet girls too....and even though as mother's it's virtually impossible for us to completely relax when they're away from their mamas....he's right there with you all. love to you, sweet friend....wish i was there to give you a big ole hug.....cause i would. <3