Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Arndell's Came for a Visit!

A few months ago, one of Harv's friends from work called to let us know that he and his family were gonna be out this way for a family wedding. So, they added a little bit onto their trip and wanted to come see us.

Harv was thrilled 'cause he likes Jim. They enjoy hangin' together when  they go on work trips. I was thrilled 'cause I've heard stories about Jim for a while and I've heard his voice on speaker phone when Harv's been on conference calls or other work-related calls. He's always seemed nice and I can tell he's a good friend to Harv.

I've also heard Cindy's name and Connor's name. And, even though I hadn't met any of the family, I was pretty sure that I was gonna like 'em. (Turns out I really DO like 'em all.)

When they arrived, one of the first things Jim said to me was: "I want us to make sure we take a picture before we leave. We came all this way just so we could be in the blog."  

Made me feel pretty special that people (well, maybe just one person) aspire(s) to be featured in the blog I'm writing. 

And, so, I obliged! 

We had a really good visit, they're all very easy to be around and I'm VERY thankful that I could meet them.  I look forward to more times hangin' with the Arndells...


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