Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm not sure it was realistic, but I was hoping that Dr. Lin would tell us today that we would be finished with trips to Seattle for a while. I was hoping that the only thing Harv would have to do was to continue the meds he's currently on.

No such luck.

Harv's CEA count is still within normal range (3.8), but Dr. Lin wants to kick the cancer that's still in the liver outta there! So he's giving it a big push. Harv will have treatment with Avastin (one of the infused drugs he's had before) through the end of October and continue with the Celebrex and Xeloda.  After the treatment with the added Avastin, he'll see where we are. 

But we're planning for surgery (which we've been told can be done laproscopically) after the additional chemo to get rid of any potential risks in the liver. The surgery will only be able to take place after he's been off of Avastin for at least six weeks. The Avastin can sometimes cause bleeding problems.  We will wait to hear from the surgeons at UW and probably schedule a consult soon.  (And, just for some fun information... the liver is starting to regenerate normal stuff... The areas that once were cancer ridden are regenerating healthy stuff! Woo hoo!)

But, first! We'll head back down to Seattle next Wednesday for a little time in the infusion room. (Kinda wish all this wasn't happening right when school begins, but c'est la vie!)

We continue to be thankful for the care that we're receiving. 

And, we continue to be thankful for AMAZING gifts of time, talent and treasures that you people KEEP SHARING with us!!! Goodness gracious! I think you're going overboard. ♥

Please pray for all the people all over the place who are not as fortunate as we are.  It grieves my soul every time I go to SCCA and see people who really don't feel good.  

Many, many blessings to you all.
We love you.


Flying Snow said...

So happy to hear Harvey is doing well! Avastin can have serious effects, but it doesn't happen to everyone but for few people; don't worry, the docs will keep an eagle eye on it. :) And when Avastin works, it's wonderful.
Carrie, I've read *all* your blog, and I come here every day to see if there is an update. I feel like if I know you.
I'm faaar away, in Argentina. A good friend of mine (she lives in Canada) has mCRC and I've been researching every corner of the internet for information. I came to the conclusion that one of the most promising approaches is Dr. Lin's one. So I keep my eyes open for *everything* about Dr. Lin on the net... that way I found you, and your lovely family :)
My friend is on Xeloda and, since one month, ago, on Celebrex also -her oncologist in Toronto agreed it was a good idea. She suggested it to him, because I told her about Dr. Lin.
Know that you're receiving my best wishes and prays,
PS: sorry for any English mistakes.

Carrie said...

Wow! Best wishes to your friend in Toronto, too!

Flying Snow said...

Thank you! I'll say her :)