Sunday, August 19, 2012

Harvey is doing very well. He has been affected a little bit with side effects from the increased dosage of his chemo, but, really, life is going pretty well. And, he's using this time to get stronger and healthier. Not traveling and not worrying about the stress of work has been a good thing for him, I do believe.

He's been hiking a lot and is almost finished with his goal of hiking all of the trails of Galbraith Mountain. Raney has enjoyed helping him out with his goal.

Sarah and Hannah have had a good summer. They took driver's ed and scored very well on their final written test. "Highest scores in the class." Right this minute they are with their friend, Anna, at their annual Camp Friendship. This year it's on Vashon Island for a few days. I am thankful that they have special traditions with their life-long friend. It's a gift. All of it.




Celeste is getting settled in with her job at Sprint and her second class at Whatcom. She stays busy and seems to be doing pretty well overall. She might also add that she's continuing to adjust to (and, perhaps occasionally enjoy) life in Bellingham with the 'rents and the sibs. ☺

Not to minimize what anyone else may be feeling AT ALL, but I continue to struggle. And, it finally hit me yesterday that my life has been full of BIG, unwanted events since 2008. Deaths, illnesses and extended family struggles...which also feel like loss to me. Every year since 2008, there has been some form of loss -- either a loss that directly or indirectly affected me. EVERY DADGUM YEAR.

I expect myself to be absolutely fine and pleasant and cheerful. It may be that I'm expecting too much from myself, too soon.  A friend told me once that her counselor had told her that it takes about a year to go through the grieving process -- and when you add more loss to that, you must also add more time to the healing process. Ugh.

While that information may not sound so great, it IS helpful for me to realize it. It helps explain the way I've been feeling and allows me to give myself a little grace.

That is all for today... Just thought I'd share a little of what's on my heart. As always, your prayers are appreciated...

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