Saturday, April 21, 2012

Throughout the night Harv had bad cramps and upset stomach -- which included a little bit of blood.

I called the on-call oncologist and as we discussed symptoms, it was decided that he should stop taking the Xeloda (oral chemo) -- which he was due to stop on Monday anyway -- and watch  the other symptoms. He thought that since Harv hasn't had dizziness or light-headedness or elevated heart rate, then there probably wasn't too much bleeding, but we should keep an eye on it. If it doesn't improve over the next day or so, he should be seen by a clinician.

Harv got up around 7:00-ish and took his anti-nausea med in anticipation of his first dose of chemo for today. But, he didn't have to take the chemo. He ate a whole bowl of cereal -- which was great. He then sat up for a couple of hours and "goofed off." And, now, he's sleeping.

I, for one, am happy he doesn't have to have any more chemo this round. And my dream scenario is that Dr. Lin will see him on May 1st and say that he doesn't have to have anymore rounds of chemo (until the possibility of maintenance chemo). I'm not so sure that's realistic, but I'm kinda prayin' that he'll see how great Harv is doing and decide that we've killed all the cancer we can with all the previous rounds of chemo. 

I really don't like cancer. And, I don't like that my husband has it...and that there's nothing I can do to ease his pain or make the cancer get the hell outta dodge! I am, however, thankful for a good doctor and patient nurses and on-call doctors who never seem to be impatient with my questions or concerns and they listen for as long as I need them to listen. And, then, they give me practical advice about ways to help.

I am also thankful for friends and family who faithfully read this blog and pray and do practical things to help us get through this season. 

Here's to a wonderful Saturday for us all. 


Betsy True said...

Prayers for Harvey and all of you! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

amymck said...

Oh Carrie! Thinking of you and my continued prayers for Harvey and you!