Friday, April 20, 2012

This has been an unpleasant week.

We sort of got the nausea thing whipped until just a few minutes ago... Sometimes the stomach cramps come on and it makes him nauseous and if he's not quick enough with the anti-nausea meds then he can't help but throw up.

He only has seven more doses of the oral chemo... Please pray that he will feel better in the meantime so that he can eat more. He's done BETTER, but just not really good. And, he's drinking more -- which is good, but I'm pretty sure it'd do him a world of good to have more food and more fluids. Please pray.

Someone has graciously offered their beach apt. for me to get away next week. I am tentatively scheduled to go for two nights. However, I KNOW that I won't be able to relax if Harv still feels like this. So... I am also selfishly praying that he feels better so I can have a little bit of alone time.

It really stinks to watch someone feel so awful and not be able to solve that problem. (I know that some of you know exactly what I'm talking about...and now I understand a little better just what other people have gone through. And, I'm very, very sorry that anybody has ever had to and will ever have to be a part of this hellacious journey.)

Thank you for your prayers. Please don't stop.

We love you.

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