Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harv texted me at about 6:30 this morning with a "morning, girl". It was nice to get such a cheery text.

He told me he felt well-rested and was slow moving, but didn't feel sick at all.

Got here around 10:00 (could not move fast enough). He was looking good and sounded better. His throat is still a little sore from the intubation, but less sore than last night.

We watched a video on how to deal with a colostomy bag. :-) He no longer has a catheter. He and the girls are going to go for a walk soon.

While I am so thankful that he feels so much better and that this new adjustment seems less overwhelming than it did at first, I am TOTALLY wiped out. I slept hard last night, but waking up hasn't come easily today.

Please continue to pray for healing and quick & thorough recovery.

Thank you to all the people who have helped in very practical, tangible ways. Thank you to all the people who have been praying. Thank you for loving us.

Have a happy Saturday! (I might take a nap today.)

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