Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't have a ton of information but it looks like surgery is imminent and Dr. Lin thinks its fine to do the surgery here.

Waiting to hear back from Dr. McCullough re: surgeon availability and the specifics of surgery, etc.

Please pray for a smooth surgery, minimal discomfort for Harv and a positive outlook regardless of whatever inconveniences we might face.

Pray for our communication with the girls and their understanding & acceptance of things.

Please pray for me, too. The weight of this week kinda hit me first thing this morning and it's been hangin' around all day.

Please pray that we will all be at peace.

We are thankful for the shrinkage of his cancer. We are thankful that this complication was caught before it was too late. We are thankful for good medical care.

We are thankful for you all.

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