Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a very nice Christmas. Quiet. Low key. Almost boring (in a good way.)

For our gifts to each other, Harv and I decided, well before Christmas and well before we knew what was going on in his body, to give each other a year's worth of dates. He planned six dates and I planned six dates -- which we each put together differently. He wrote his out as if he was the announcer for a prize-winner on "The Price is Right." I went the "crafty" way with cute stickers and paper.

We like the hopefulness of these dates. It gives us some fun things to look forward to throughout the year. We don't know how he'll be feeling when "date night" (or "date day") comes around each month, but my prayer is that we can do every single date before the year is over. We might have to switch things up and go out of sequence, but I'd like to do all of 'em. (The ones I planned shouldn't really be a problem. "sit around & drink coffee date", "sit around and watch a movie date", etc.)

Please pray with us that we make the most of this year as a family.


Christie said...

LOVE this! What a great idea! I hope you enjoy each and every date to the very fullest! Praying for you always.

Unknown said...

Dear Carrie, I am a work associate of Harvey's. My favorite idea of Harvey is that he loves working from home so that he can stop and join you in the kitchen for a cup of coffee. That thought has delighted me for years!

And now I have found your blog through Harvey's email to work associates. I have to tell you that your words have brought tears to my eyes this day.

I also want you to know that I read the prayer you prayed for your girls as they entered highschool in September. What a prayer of beauty and depth! May such faith and comfort be with you and with our Dear Harvey.
Christine Kelsey

Joe said...

Harvey has a unique way of finding a positive approach to solving problems. This is another terrific idea. He's always positive, always moving forward! I'm hoping for an outcome that is just as positive as Harvey!

New Faculty said...

What a wonderful idea Carrie. I will keep you in my prayers all year.