Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday night usually means pizza and a movie in front of the t.v.

Tonight it was hot dogs and not-very-good french fries and a root beer packed for a picnic overlooking the water. The setting was in the back of the van with a picnic blanket and some flowers for ambiance. My dream evening would have included a beautiful sunset.

Even though the hot dogs and fries didn't really taste good, they tasted good. You know what I mean?

After we ate, we played a round of Hit or Miss. Then we packed our cold selves up and headed home.

I wasn't quite ready to give up on the sunset so we tried one more time at Marine Park. We sat there for a while and watched the water and the people coming and going and finally decided to head home.

As we were leaving the park, Harv came up with a fun idea...

The girls and I jumped out of the car and pretended we were the family from Little Miss Sunshine. We pretended that we were pushing the car so it would start. Harv, VERY CAREFULLY pulled forward and each one of us ran to jump in the van while the park-goers looked and wondered. We laughed and laughed.

On the way home we stopped for milk at Fred Meyer. Hannah decided that she wanted to go with me to get the milk.

This is an amazing thing to me... My almost-13 year old daughter walked into the grocery store holding my hand and THEN she wanted to dance down the aisle with me.

I obliged.

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amymck said...

I love this...........I truly do..and I know you and your family will always cherish and treasure this memory - always.