Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Lesson from Donald Miller

I'm still reading Donald Miller's book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

Yesterday I read about creating memorable scenes in our "story" -- scenes that stay with us long after they're over.

Miller told a couple of stories about people who had chosen to make memories instead of letting the moment slip by unnoticed.

One scene was of a father who chose to dress up and have his picture made with his daughter in her in her new prom dress.

Another scene was of a family choosing to send their guests off with a big ol' jump off their dock instead of a wave good-bye.

This morning my sleepy girls woke up and began their usual routine -- one girl showers while the other girl practices piano and then they switch. When Hannah came downstairs, Donald Miller's words about creating memorable scenes popped into my head. I wasn't coming up with anything grandiose, but I invited Hannah to sit with me by the fire. She snuggled in beside me and we sat in silence.

"Control Mama" was trying to bust out of me and get the routine back on track. However, this time, "Memorable Scene Mama" butted in and told "Control Mama" to shut up. So, the whole time Sarah was in the shower, Hannah and I sat in silence. Throughout the morning cuddle, I kept wondering "Is this a scene that Hannah will remember in the future? -- 'The day Mama let me skip piano practice and just cuddle with her.' I wasn't sure...I'm still not sure, but I thought it was something I needed to do...

I reapeated the cuddle by the fire with Sarah and wondered if it would be meaningful to her.

And, then, I wondered how can I create memorable scenes for all of my family? How can I "stir things up" so that my husband and children are surprised and begin to store lots of memories of our times together. And, what scenes can I create to make our marriage and our family stronger?

Just like the neighborhood meeting the other night, I don't know what will come of the morning cuddle or what scenes I can create with my husband that will stand out in the future.

I do know, though, that I want to change the course of my story a little bit--more action, fewer dreams of action.

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