Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Reminder: The subtitle of this blog is called "Random Thoughts About Life."

Porch Story: Been stuck in my head for a LONG, LONG time. Can't figure out how to make it happen. Can't let go of the idea that there needs to be a story. As I've said before, things simmer... But recently I read a piece of advice that I've heard for a long time and was reminded that I need to get something down and keep putting things on paper until something happens. So.. this very paragraph is my porch story starting spot for 2017. 

Yard work: Harv was the yard man. I'm the house lady. There have been some situations pop up that required a yard man that I don't have. I've hired out for some things, but for a couple of things, I just put on my Yard Man Hat and got to work. Those two things involved a chain saw (electric but still kinda scary) and a pressure washer (that was kinda fun!).  When I do things outside of my comfort zone, it's very empowering... And so for a couple of days, I was Wonder Woman! I might just pull out the hedge trimmer before long!

Weirdness: Yesterday it was determined that the pressure washer that we owned was broken beyond repair... or beyond Mr. Mower Repairman's ability. Then a personal situation came up that left me feeling a little bit strange inside... Just a friendship navigation thing, but it caused me to have that funny feeling in my heart and stomach and all. I didn't like it. In my mind, I can be a good friend to lots of people, but in reality sometimes it's harder, but I said a prayer and tried to focus on the good stuff. I went for a walk and took a nap later and I think I've allowed it to settle down in my heart. 

Creativity: I've been feeling not only the need to write, but the need to create something...something artistic....something that pushes me a little bit. Yesterday I did it. I want to show the world 'cause I think it's pretty good (if I do say so myself!), but it's gonna be a gift. I'll show you later.  Felt good to create. And it helped cancel out some of those weirdo feelings I was having.

Life:  Life, right now, reminds me of the time I rafted the Nantahala River in college. We all got to the river and the guide taught us what all we were supposed to do. He showed us that if we fell out, to get on our backs. I'm pretty sure he said to go feet downstream first, but that didn't register. He said "hold onto your paddle" 'cause we don't want to lose them... And he said that if someone fell out that another boat could/should try to help the one who fell out.   We traveled down the river and enjoyed the ride. We came to a spot where we were to get out and scout the river to determine the best way to get through the rapids. Our boat pulled over, we tied up the boat, we all got out and went with the guide to the lookout spot. People discussed this and that. I was just there 'cause everybody got out of the boat. "Isn't the river beautiful?!", I thought.  We got back in the boat. We started trying to maneuver things so we could get through without crashing. Oops! I forgot to tuck my feet under the side of the boat. Oops! We hit a rapid! Oops! I fell out! I held my paddle tightly. I got on my back... but my head was going downstream. (oops!) Fortunately, there was another boat nearby... I feel like the water wasn't very deep... But it was fast... 

That's how I feel about life. I'm just ridin' along and somebody says "hey! Your children are gonna grow up... You're gonna wish they wouldn't leave home... You're gonna also want them to grow up and explore and spread their wings... but you're gonna want them to be with you and hang with you.." And I've pretty much said "Yeah. I know. Isn't life beautiful?!"  And then the "rapid" (reality) hits...and I fall out...and hope that I don't bang my head on the rocks.

The "river" is very fast. That's for sure. 

But I also know that there are plenty of boats surrounding me if I need to hold on.

Many thanks to all the boat people out there! You know who you are.