Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey Hon

Hey hon,

How's it goin' up there? How're Mama and Papa and Laura and Aunt Alberta and Auntie Rosemary and G'ma Harvey? Have you met Aunt Beanie and Maazie and Grandmother and Granddaddy Whitely and Granddaddy Hall? And BooBoo and Aunt Gertrude and Aunt Ida Mae? They're fun aren't they? I bet you love how Aunt Beanie can tell a story and just laugh and laugh... I also bet you and Laura are laughin' and tellin' some good stories, too.

I bet you're catchin' up with all kindsa people. Have you seen Kirk? And Zachary? What about Kyle? And tell Dottie we miss her at 1st Pres. Rosalie just got there recently. Hug her neck and tell her I said "hey!" Yesterday I was with a buncha people who celebrated her life....And look for my friend's father, Tom. He just got up there a few days ago. He is a good guy! I think you'll like him a lot, too.

Hey! Hate to bother you with earthly things...but can you give me a little direction on some housey things and some business things? The prō-jects (as you would say) that need doin' are slightly out of my comfort zone so I'm thinkin' it'd be helpful if you could send some guidance my way. 

And, if you don't mind puttin' in a good word for me, I'd appreciate some help from The Big Guy, too. There are things I just don't feel qualified to handle... 

Sure do miss you. Wish you were here with me... to do housey things and to sit near me and do your business stuff that I didn't understand... 

I love you, Harv.