Saturday, April 8, 2017


funny how life goes...

you're young
you wanna grow up

you do

you're excited about everything
you go places
you do things
you meet people


your parents are doin' their thing
trying to love you
take care of you
keep you safe
encourage you to grow up

hopin' you're doin' what you love and that you're growin' up like you should
missin' you every time you take a step in the direction of growin' up

then you do grow up

you have children of your own

you want 'em to grow up and do things and love life

they do

all of a sudden you understand just a tiny bit of what your parents must've felt...

your children are on their way to being pretty grown up
you're proud and impressed with them and want 'em to keep experiencing the good things in life

you want 'em to grow up and stay young
all at the same time