Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wedding Weekend

We had a lovely wedding weekend.... Harv figured out the correct timing of his meds so that he had enough energy for the festivities... His brother brought a tent and a reclining camping chair so that he could "escape" when necessary. The setting was lovely, the ceremony was very sweet and the party was lots of fun.

A few pics:

Just before the father's first look. :-)

Harv walked S & H down the aisle, too!


A perfect day for a wedding! 


Thankful for the fun weekend... Thankful for the family and friends who made it so special.

Thankful for the rest this week...

Continued prayers appreciated.... Sarah and Hannah move to their dorm on Saturday!

Love to you all!


Maria said...


Gennita said...

I'm happy Harv's wishes came to fruition. Continued prayers, continued daily good thoughts sent. As always, I think of Harvey and ask for miracles.

Valerie said...

LOVED seeing the lovely wedding photos, what a stunning setting, beautiful day and now an awesome family memory. Thank you for posting Harvey's toast/tribute to Celeste and Anthony, I loved seeing and hearing him! What a dear man, so much to miss about Harvey. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this heart break. I am thrilled that he is with Jesus without pain and suffering, but I know you all have a huge hole without him near.
Thinking of you....