Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear All The Wonderful People in My Life,

My mother taught me to write thank you notes. My sister, Laura, was an amazing thank you note writer. I have tried to teach my children the same thing. I try to be good and Southern and polite and follow proper etiquette. 

But here's the truth... There is just so much goodness that I can't keep up. And, when I should be writing thank you notes, I kinda need to eat, or sleep or sit quietly and re-group.

So, would you all please accept this teeny weensy "thank you" as a GIANT "thank you?"  Would you try to imagine me huggin' your neck for bein' so good to us all? Please know that we TRULY are thankful even if you don't actually receive a note in the mail from me. I can't even get over how many creative ways you are being good to us. A cleaning coordinator? A dog walking coordinator? WOW! Applesauce made with our apples? Our laundry picked up and dropped off?!  Goodness gracious! And, there's more, too. Notes. Emails.  Cannot even name 'em all.

We are so grateful. Way beyond any words or gestures... Deeply, deeply grateful.

We love you.

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