Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yesterday Harv finished the third of three liters of fluids. I'd say he feels better, but his system still isn't really moving so much right now... He ate more yesterday than he had in previous days (combined) and this morning he had a bowl of cereal with a banana and a cup of coffee. He hasn't wanted coffee in months. 

He also walked to the street to get the newspaper and is currently at the kitchen table reading it while sipping his coffee.

On Friday, he was given the okay to take longer acting pain meds and I believe those, combined with his regular pills and maybe with the addition of much needed fluids, have made a real difference in how he feels.

His stomach isn't exactly behaving like he'd like, but he doesn't feel nauseous and he's eating... He is sounding and acting a bit more like himself.

Thank you all for praying for him and for being so good to me and our whole family...

We love you.

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Nancy Hessney said...

Dear Carrie, thank you for providing all of us this blog on the journey that Harvey and his entire family have endured over time. I'm sure there are many times when you rather not provide updates but you have remained steadfast and kept Harvey's followers informed. I too worked with Harvey and always marveled at his dignity, humor and gracious nature. It was always joyfull to spend time wih Harvey. The last time we saw Harvey is when he was in VA for business and he came to our house for dinner. An evening filled with fun, laughter and smiles. A great memory for us. It must be heart warming for you to read the various post and learn about what great memories other folks have created with Harvey over the years. We will continue on this journey with you. Sending you loving, peaceful thoughts and prayers.
Nancy and Harry Hessney