Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Last Friday Dr. Taylor (local radiation oncologist) called Harv to give results of the scan he had had the day before. It appears that the tumor that's causing the most pain and is the largest is the tumor that Harv had radiated earlier this year. Dr. Taylor needs to confirm that with UW Medical Center scans (which he hasn't rec'd yet), but he thinks that's the case. He's out of town this week but hopes to have that information when he returns next week.

If it is, in fact, the case, then that means that radiation is no longer an option. 

It's possible that there's a trial or some kind of chemo available, but Harv and I have talked and he feels that he's not strong enough to handle that.  He feels that most likely any treatments that remain available aren't worth the discomfort and toll on the body.

So... We'll wait to hear from Dr. Taylor next week and see what's next... But we believe that what's gonna happen is that we will treat his pain and discomfort.

Only 3 1/2 weeks till Celeste's wedding... We want him to feel as good as he possibly can for that.

We appreciate all the love.  We would appreciate prayers as we try to figure out how to navigate the next stage.

We love you.


Betsy True said...

Prayers and hugs, Carrie. You all have been so strong through so much--praying for continued strength.


Ed Brenegar said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you two and your family.

Steph said...

We are lifting you all up. Much love and prayers coming for you and going up for you.