Monday, August 31, 2015

Today has been quite full. Started with a visit from the chaplain who I liked a lot. She gave some good suggestions for conserving energy and focusing on the important things with the energy you have... Letting other people help with things that might be less important so that he can have energy for the wedding and our time together at home.

That was followed by a visit from our hospice nurse. She was here for a while and Harv gave her lots of information... She had some suggestions for helping his stomach and working with pain and appetite. We'll see her again on Thursday unless we need her again before that. We have specific things to do today and tomorrow to hopefully get his stomach behaving correctly.

Harv stayed awake for a while after that working on some paperwork. Then took a nap (is still napping).  I, too, took a nap.

One of our friends came to replace our bathroom faucet and another friend came to visit and drop off freezer food. And yet another friend (she's my college friend) is coming by so I can hug her neck on her way back to Seattle. I was honest with her and said I didn't have much more capacity for a real good visit... She obliged and will let me hug her neck in my driveway. (Mama might be embarrassed, but sometimes you have to be honest.) Wanted to hug her neck, though, 'cause I don't get to see her often. 

And still ANOTHER friend is coming over to walk my dog-baby. And ANOTHER friend just dropped off our dinner.

My world is full of wonderful people.

Yesterday it occurred to me that I have to kind of re-train my brain from the goal of trying to FIX all of Harv's issues to the goal of making him comfortable. It's not an easy switch.

Please pray for us as we figure all this stuff out... And, pray for me that I can figure out how to create the space I need while absorbing all the love and generosity that is given.


Betsy True said...

Praying for you Carrie! And for Harv and the girls.


Maria said...

Prayers continuing! I'm thinking chicken soup at you...let's make it egg drop soup. Easier to digest for now. Hugs to all of you!

Gennita said...

Sending you, Harvey and your family the warmest of thoughts and my prayers today.