Saturday, August 8, 2015

Celeste's wedding is in five weeks. FIVE!  :-)

We go to the radiation oncologist in town this week to see what he thinks. Not sure when he would start or how many radiation treatments the doctor will recommend. Dr. Lin has said that he thinks he'd like to add some low-dose chemo to that as well.

Based on Harv's experience last time with radiation, he is expecting to feel pretty tired and possibly nauseous from the radiation at the minimum. Maybe even more so if chemo is added.  He currently is already pretty fatigued and his appetite is not so great (He's eating often, but not a whole lot.).

SO! I'm asking if you will pray that the details of his treatment work well for him and that he will feel energetic for the wedding weekend. We'll be "on the go" from the Wednesday to the Sunday of that weekend.

'Preciate it!


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Betsy True said...

Lots of prayers going your way! Will have my prayerful friends praying, too!