Saturday, August 1, 2015

Away time...

We left last Sunday for five nights at Kalaloch Beach... It's a part of the Olympic National Park and it's one of our favorite places. Celeste and Anthony joined us for the first two nights as well.  

We always take our own food and cook in the cabin -- which we did again. We usually go for a couple of walks on the beach each day and, usually, Raney is off-leash the whole time and we can walk however long without worry about her being on-leash except for right close to the lodge/cabins. Not so this time. She is still healing and I'm afraid she might tweak her leg so she and I went on a short-ish walk a day and mostly on-leash.  She was kinda bored. She DID get a couple or three off-leash walks which made her very happy -- and sometimes defiant. 

This trip, Harv and Anthony brought kites and we rigged up something so we could attach the GoPro to the kite and see what happened. Actually, I didn't rig anything up... they did. Harv made this  gizmo that somehow attached to the kite and held the GoPro in place.  I think they tried it Sunday and Monday.

What we found out, though, was that going to the beach was just a little bit too much for Harv.  He had a time walkin' back up the stairs back to the cabin. And, he found he tired pretty quickly on the beach, too. Turns out that after a couple of days of tryin' that, it was determined that it was best to stay on level ground. And, he slept a lot after that.  And, his appetite wasn't very big. And, he was in a fair bit of pain in shoulders and back. So... pain medicine was had. Which helped.

We got home early evening yesterday and unloaded, ordered pizza and watched tv. Today was unpacking and decluttering around the house... (PLUS, let's go get the bridesmaids' dresses day). Harv woke up with way more energy and "enthusiasm" than I've seen in five days... So, it appears that home is a pretty good place to be.

Not sure what the next steps are yet with his medical care... Hope to find out Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks for checkin' in... Will update when I know more. Love you people.

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