Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Had today all to myself. Counseling, haircut, spa... Even took myself out to lunch after a lovely few hours at the spa.

At about 2:30, Harv called to tell me that Dr. Padia (the doc at UW who did the mapping for the Y90 treatment yesterday) called to tell him he is not eligible for the Y90 treatment after all. And the reason is that when they did the trial run with the contrast that simulated what the radioactive stuff would do, it leaked from the tumor to the lungs. Which means! That if they actually DID do the radioactive stuff, it would leak into the lungs and destroy them. It's not common that it would leak -- I think only 1 in 50 do, but Harv is a leaker.  :-) So! That is no longer an option.

However, shortly after he received that call, he got a call from SCCA Proton Therapy people saying that Dr. Kim (doc who did the radiation he had before) contacted them about the possibility of Harv doing proton therapy.  There are only a few places that do proton therapy but SCCA is one of them. It requires daily trips -- typically 4 - 9 weeks for five days a week. Some of this information is what Harv has learned on his own... but it seems that the treatment itself is only about one minute. I think the appointment is about 1 1/2 hours.

I pretty much don't know what I'm talkin' about, but bottom line is that there are still options even though the Y90 thing is not right for Harv...

And, so there you are. 

We're just pluggin' along.

Tomorrow: orchestra tour!  :-)

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