Sunday, June 21, 2015

To My Mama Friends...

Dear Sehome Mama Friends and Friends We've Known Since S & H were in elementary school, 

While I am feeling sentimental about my girls growing up and moving out into the world, I am also feeling very sentimental about y'all... 

Y'all were there when S & H started playing soccer in kindergarten. We went to soccer practices and games and were cold and wet in the rain together... We participated in and helped with the Fun Run. We volunteered together at the Luau or in the classrooms. We were on PTA together.

Y'all were there in middle school when they first walked through the doors at Kulshan. It seemed so big and scary. We volunteered for the carnival and for the eighth grade dance and the tea. We were on PTA there, too... We worked the magazine drive together...and drank coffee and ate doughnuts. We went for walks together...

And you've been there in high school for many of the same kinds of things... 

Some of you I didn't meet until we all got to Sehome. Our children ran together on cross country or were in orchestra together or in French classes together... And, some of us even formed a book group together!

Seems like it took a little while for us to "warm up" and make an effort to get to know each other beyond cross country meets or orchestra concerts. But, I just want to say... I am so thankful that we did. I'm so thankful that Sarah's and Hannah's high school years became a very rich time for me, personally.

And, while this season is all about them growing up and while it's a tiny bit scary thinking about them going out into the world... It is also a tiny bit scary wondering how my life is gonna change now that they're no longer in high school. 

And, I just want to make sure that all you people out there -- from the Carl Cozier mamas to the Kulshan mamas to the Sehome mama friends -- know that I'm so thankful that our paths have crossed. We've walked this road together for a long time. We share that "mama thing" that only we understand.  
Thank you for being my friends through the years. 

Many blessings to each of you.

And, hey! Can we get together for a glass of wine sometime?

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