Sunday, June 28, 2015

Harv has started (and almost completed) the first round of the new chemo. It's not unbearable but it is certainly not increasing his energy level. His appetite MIGHT have increased a little bit... He's slept well most nights with a combination of various "remedies." Last night was not one of those nights. Some nights (and I guess last night was one of them) he's not actually in pain, but his brain won't turn off -- regardless of the pharmaceuticals he uses to help him relax.

He does pretty well (usually) at the beginning of the day, but loses steam after lunch. Sometimes naps are very long. Sometimes he doesn't have an actual nap, but kind of rests.

Here's what I would love. I would love it if this particular chemo would do amazing things and shrink all of the tumors. I would love it if his energy was back and he was able to feel really good inside and out. I would love for some ridiculous and amazing miracle to occur and have his tumors just disappear.

So... if you believe in miracles, I would love it if you would pray for him -- and me -- and our family -- that this would actually happen. 'Cause that would be very, very nice. And, actually, even if you don't believe, you could still pray for one. :-)

I, for one, am weary. Granted, the weariness comes from more than Harv's cancer and the treatment and trips to Seattle... but I am weary.  And, I haven't heard Harvey use those words, but I think he might feel kind of the same way.

We have a relaxing few days planned for July and then there's a wedding in September. We would love to feel enthusiastic and energized for both of those things...and all that comes in between.

Thank you, people... And, much peace and many blessings to you all... 


Brenda Nordin said...

Love you Carrie, and realize and accept that you have earned that feeling of weariness!! Give in to it, and know that you will soon be blessed with new energy and positive thoughts (not that you were ever negative!!) In the midst of that weariness know you are loved so very much!! Wish I could see you in person to give you a hug, but from several years of sharing in your facebook page and comments, I know you are blessed with so many local friends who love and treasure you and your family beyond words!! May you feel the peace and love that is surrounding you, in Washington, and all the way to North Carolina!! (And in the memories from those days on the rocking chairs on your parent's porch! So glad I was able to rock there, too!!) Love and prayers!!

Steph said...

I will pray for these things for you today, especially. May you know His strength in the daily ebb and flow of life. May He whisper His instructions and then empower you all to follow them, even if He whispers "rest". I am praying for something funny to happen today so that you can laugh... a bit ;). You are loved Carrie Amanda !!

Carol Hightower said...

Carrie, Neale and I are praying for you! I am not surprised that you are weary and am praying for God to come soon to lift you up and bless you with renewal and strength to face the hour.
It is not easy, but the facebook shows that you have a great sea of people praying for you. May God show that He is great and He is good all the time.