Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Friday...

So... late this afternoon, Harv calls from the car. He tells me that Hannah is driving him to ER. He was feeling a tightness in his sternum and was experiencing lower back pain as well. Our primary doc suggested that he should go to ER.

This news comes as I'm sitting in Sarah's hospital room waiting for Harv and Hannah to come eat pizza and watch some "Friends" episodes.  

There's not a lot a girl can do with that news except accept it and let it soak in. So, I just said "Okay", pondered for a few minutes and then tried to figure out the logistics of who was gonna be with Sarah, who was gonna take care of the dog and then who I needed to call to pass along the info.

Then, I began to slightly "lose it." It seemed like just one thing too many. Job, from the Bible, came to mind -- though his life was way more difficult than mine is...  But things just kept happening to and around Job and it kinda feels like there are too many things going on in my life, too. ANYWAY! I cried while Sarah watched and then I felt bad for not holding it together. She was very understanding and just let me cry.

Celeste and Anthony came to the hospital and sat with Hannah and Sarah. They ordered pizza and Hannah brought me a beer from home. I went between ER and Sarah's room (I didn't carry the beer everywhere, though. :-) ).  Leah and Zoe came to visit Sarah.

Harv had blood work and a ct scan which indicate that the tumor (that we already have known about) in his liver appears to be putting pressure on his diaphragm and is causing the pain and tightness that he's been feeling.

Part of me was annoyed that my blood pressure rose for something that we already knew about and that we're gonna deal with more directly next week... But, part of me was relieved that it was "just" that tumor 'cause he's going to Seattle on Tuesday to begin the process of whoopin' some tumor ass!

So! Next Tuesday, Harvey, Raney and I will go to Seattle for Harv's 8:00 a.m. appointment to do the set up for the radio embolism which will take place approximately one week after that. Then Raney and I will drive to Kirkland so she can have her follow-up appointment for the surgery she had a couple of weeks ago. Then I'll go back to get Harv and then we'll pick up Raney on the way home -- which will be right as traffic starts to pick up in the afternoon.

Sarah will most likely still be in the hospital at St. Joe's in Bellingham...but maybe not! (She's making pretty good progress already...but she still has a ways to go.) So, we've worked out a family plan to make sure she's not "all alonely" (as the girls used to say) that day.

All of that is to say, I thought I was being pushed over the edge tonight... but it turns out I was just pushed TO the edge and was able to crawl back a bit so I didn't fall over.

Thank you, family and friends, for loving us and taking care of us... What a ride!

P.S. I took a pill tonight that will help me turn my brain off so I can get to sleep more easily. I might do it again tomorrow night. :-)

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