Friday, May 22, 2015

Harv update.


Harv had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday with the Y90 doctor. (Y90 is the name of the radio-embolism treatment Harv will have. It's a targeted radiation internally directed RIGHT at the tumor.)

The treatment will be an all-day procedure done only one time. So, thankfully, multiple trips for radiation won't be needed. However, there will be an appointment to set up for the actual treatment. That appointment will be a simulation of what he will have done on the REAL appointment and will also take a whole day.

The radiation doc is skeptical that the neck/shoulder pain that Harv is (STILL!) having is referred pain. He says that normally when there is referred pain from a tumor, the tumor is much larger than the one that Harvey has. 

However, since Harv is STILL having pain, we're gonna go see a pain doctor and see if there's anything that can be done to give him some relief. And, we have resorted to a sleep aid so that he can get some actual sleep at night -- which he hasn't had for a good long time -- at least not what any of us would call REAL sleep...

We appreciate your continued prayers for Harv and for all of us these days... We've got graduation planning, wedding planning and summer planning all happening at the same time as grieving, dog-healing from surgery and Harv's continued fight to feel good... There doesn't seem to be a shortage of things happening. 

Much love to you all.

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