Monday, November 17, 2014

This week...

Tomorrow, Harv and I go to Seattle for his PET scan. We are hoping that it shows that his cancer has decided to retreat so he can switch over to a maintenance chemo.  While he kinda figured out a way to make his symptoms slightly less intense, I wouldn't say it has been much more "fun". 

We don't know what Dr. Lin will say, but in our dreams his cancer would be in control (or, better yet, go away completely) and he wouldn't ever have to have any more infusions.

In other health news, my sister, Laura, goes tomorrow for a treatment for her graft vs. host disease. See this link for more information.  She'll be at Emory University Hospital (outpatient) for a couple of days every week for the next eight weeks. 

We also have dreams for Laura... that the graft vs. host disease would go away and she would be able to enjoy life without annoying health issues. I do believe she's had enough to deal with over the past few years. She deserves happy and healthy in big doses.

Thank you for tuning into our lives...and for praying with us for all these things.

We love you.

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