Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not much different to report today... We left at about 5:30 this morning and arrived in time for Harv's 7:45 appointment (with a few minutes to spare). I, as usual, took myself to Milstead & Co. Coffee and enjoyed a croissant and a latte. (Sadly, my triple tall latte is not seeming quite as strong as I like it.)

Harv finished up his PET scan a little before 11:00 and we took ourselves to the cafeteria across the street before an 11:30 appointment with Dr. Lin.

Not surprisingly, the PET had not been read yet, but Dr. Lin looked at it. The official report will come out later, but basically, the tumors that are in his body are relatively stable. Significantly smaller than a year ago, but still there.  The tricky part with Harv's particular situation is that his liver tumors respond better to one kind of chemo and the lung tumors (which we kinda knew about already) respond to a different kind of chemo. 

He hasn't lost weight which is a good thing. And, his energy -- while not quite as high as 5 years ago -- is pretty good. Both of those things are encouraging. 

The plan right now is to continue with the infusions he's been having for lungs and add a pill chemo to keep the liver tumors in check.

We'll keep at this plan through December and probably into January, but we'll make sure chemo does not interfere with Thanksgiving or Christmas meal planning. So, we'll start infusions the week after Thanksgiving and try to figure things out so that Christmas eating can be fun.

In other news, Laura had her two days of photopheresis and is back in Leesburg. She sounded pretty upbeat when I spoke with her, but I imagine she's pretty tired. She has some good friends in Leesburg who often fix her dinner on the night she comes back. I sure do appreciate those people. Sendin' a hug to them!! 

Tonight, Sarah and Hannah will have their last high school cross country banquet. I am gonna get teary, I'm pretty sure. What a wonderful group this has been -- the runners, the coaches and the parents. Thank you all for making these four years so special.  

Sending you all wonderful wishes for a Thanksgiving full of love, rest and lots and lots of good food. 

Peace to you all.

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