Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thought you might wanna know

Well, it appeeeeeeears that keeping very well hydrated makes a positive difference for Harvey after infusion. He and I have a competition every day to see who actually drinks 64 oz. of water or electrolyte beverages or NOT caffeine bevs everyday. We started a little before his infusion and have continued... I think we've been at it for about a week and a half. I'm technically winning, but he's done pretty well. And, though he's been tired and has had a little bit of stomach upset, it has been nothing like last go 'round.

They predict that he "bottoms out" between days seven and ten. Day seven will be tomorrow. But last time he felt terrible on day six.

Bottom line is that he hasn't felt as bad. He's even taken Raney on a couple of walks (one of 'em was probably too long, but he did it.)

So, yay! 

Have a happy rest of your weekend.

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