Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So... I'm gonna have a little bit of surgery tomorrow. Laparoscopic. Outpatient. 

Pretty sure it's not that big a deal. This kind of surgery is done all the time with few complications.

But, as with any surgery, there's some risk. That things might not go 100% according to plan is not likely, but it's still possible....

My wish is that I would come out of surgery slightly improved as opposed to slightly more complicated. :-)

I'd also like to heal fast. I ain't got time for bein' the one who needs tendin' to...

So, if you would pray for the surgeon and for me, I'd appreciate it. 

And, Harv's next chemo is next Monday. Please pray that the drinking of lots of fluids BEFORE and during chemo will help him AFTER chemo to push that yucky stuff through him with little discomfort.  (And, pray that he remembers to drink the fluids BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.)

Thank you, people!

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