Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dear Mama,
I sure do miss you... 'Member how I used to call you every day or close to it? Loved that... Sometimes we didn't really have anything to say... we were just shootin' the breeze.

There are things I don't really want to tell you... Illnesses, divorce, "not-fun" stuff... So, I'll leave those out.

I miss sittin' on the front porch. I've been trying FOR YEARS to figure out how to make a picture book out of a front porch story. I sure hope I can do it.

Celeste lives in Bellingham now. It's been good to have her here... (Can't tell you how it came to be that she moved to Bellingham 'cause that's a little bit of the "not-fun" stuff...but sometimes "not-fun" stuff can cause good things to happen.) She lives in an apartment with a friend and has a boyfriend and works at a local software company. Last time you saw her, I think she was about 17. Lots has happened since she was 17.

Sarah and Hannah will soon be SENIORS in high school!!! SENIORS!! They're seventeen! Last time you saw 'em they were 10 years old and in fifth grade. Lots has happened since fifth grade. They are runners now... They're in the orchestra (Every time I go to a concert, I think about how much you would love to hear them play.). They (we all) went to France this summer. You would've loved it. Especially the countryside... Harv and I went to London. I thought of you and Papa when we were there and wondered about what you saw that I was now seeing. I also thought of you and Papa when we went to Harrod's and I saw all the yummy food. Wished I could've brought some Stilton home 'cause it made me think of Papa. Plus, I love it.

I am older now too... Fifty-dang-two years old. I have some aches. I don't sleep as well as I used to. But things are pretty good... (There are some "not-fun" things, but I can't tell you about those.)  I think of you so much... I try to keep tellin' stories of you. I keep lookin' at photos. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror or I look at my hands -- or today, I saw my TOES(!) and think of you. You sure were a good mama.

Harv and I still love living in Bellingham. We have a dog now. We got her in 2009. You would like her. She's sweet. Her name is Raney and she makes us get outside and see lots of nature. 

Harv is still working for the same company -- though only part-time. Can't tell you why that is 'cause it's part of the "not-fun" series of events, but we are thankful for all the many blessings that we see everyday.... "We're just as thankful we're as well as we are..." (tell that to Pop.)

Oh... there are other stories of Laura and Robert and Mary... Some good...some "not-fun", but we are all just tickin' away! 

And, we all miss you so much...  And, we miss Papa so much, too. 

Wish I could sit on the porch with y'all tonight. 

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SL said...

Can't read any of your posts without tears today. I'm not a fan of people being gone, things changing, and children growing up. Thank you for sharing what's happening in your life and in your heart.