Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Got up early... reeeeeal early...to go to Seattle for the scan. Got there at 7:15. Dropped Harv off and went to my favorite coffee place in Fremont (not really convenient but worth it) for a triple tall latté and an almond croissant. (As I left the coffee place, I was thinkin' how I like doin' that little teeny weensy special thing when I go to Seattle for medical appointments that aren't mine. Kinda puts a little, tiny bit of fun in a less-than-exciting day. Plus, I'm pretty good at bein' kinda selfish that way.)

Harv finished the scan and we went to the not-as-good cafeteria place 'cause we didn't have time for the "good" cafeteria place. We shoulda gone to The Fat Hen, but oh well! 

Anyway, the scan...

...showed that the liver is regenerating nicely. It did show a new little spot on the liver. It also showed some spots on his lungs. I think that concerned Dr. Lin a little bit, but then he found out  that Harv has had a cold and a cough for about a week and a half... And that the girls have also had some cold symptoms. He thinks that it's possible that the spots are from his cold/cough. So, he wants Harv to come back again in 3 - 4 weeks for another scan and in the meantime he'll take lots of vitamin C. And, we will pray that it is just a viral infection that will clear up on its own.

CEA is close to the same as it was before... 2.8 -- Still in "normal" range, but slightly (0.3) higher than two months ago.

I wouldn't say we were perky coming home. And, I kinda had to fuss at Harv a little bit. My philosophy is that we do not have to get all sad and mopey until we are given a reason to do that.  Yes. I can go to the scary place, but I don't even know if I NEED to go there. So... Right now, we are gonna treat it with lots of vitamin C. And, we are gonna pray until something happens. 

PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens

The fun little thing about the next 3-4 weeks is that there will be NO chemo in our lives. NONE. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. So there's that!

Another fun thing is that the weather is gettin' good and we have some fun stuff planned.

Please keep praying. For Harv's good health. For peace in our hearts. For peace. For peace. For peace.

We love you.

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