Monday, May 12, 2014

CT Scan tomorrow

Harv has had four rounds of chemo since we last saw Dr. Lin. It has not been fun. The first two rounds were nausea-inducing, the 3rd round was intestinal discomfort inducing, the 4th included stomach issues and an increased sensitivity to cold. All four rounds also included the "metal mouth" symptom. And, all four rounds caused lots of fatigue.

He's hoping that those rounds of infused chemo will be his last. We don't know if that's gonna be true or not, but he really hasn't enjoyed it. 

A week or two ago, he got a cold which included a cough. He still has the cough. And, we don't know if it's just a cough or something else. But his cold symptoms did not change any of his chemo plans which means his white blood count was high enough to rec'v chemo. I'm countin' that as good...

Tomorrow we go for a CT scan. We are hoping it looks beautiful. Prayers for that would be wonderful.

We have a busy summer planned and would love to head into summer with less cancer on the mind and just enjoy life without medicine. Don't know if we'll get our wish, but it's still our wish anyway.

I had a lovely Mother's Day... I am really a lucky girl... Good husband. Good children. Good life.

Have a happy week.

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