Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today was the third day of chemo for Harv... (bring-it-home pump for days 1-3). Day one was pretty normal. Day 2 was if-y. Day 3 has been less fun. We broke out the anti-nausea meds today...  He's resting now and I hope that tomorrow feels better. 

He's been trying to eat, but nothing sounds good. At the suggestion of my sister (who is very experienced in chemo stuff), I made him some mashed potatoes yesterday... He had a little bit then and then a little more today. I made him a scrambled egg and toast late this afternoon. 

Anyway... I don't like it when he feels bad. How do I solve that? If I talk too much about what I can do to solve his nausea, then it makes him nauseous... If I don't check, then how can I make things better?

Please pray that tonight he gets a good night's sleep and that tomorrow he feels more like himself.

Have I ever told you that cancer sucks?

If not, cancer sucks.

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Mary Hardin said...

Keeping you in our prayers