Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today has been a "wonky" day.

I got to the hospital around 9:00-ish. Harv seemed okay, but not especially energetic.  The plan was to let him start eating real food and then move to a regular room shortly.

He was moved at around 11:00-ish. And, by the time he got to his new room, he was a bit queasy and really lethargic.  He did 1/2 a lap around the floor with the O.T. and then tried to eat something. Nothing really did the trick and he gave up shortly after trying.

And, basically, the whole day he had very little energy. Not sure why that was. Coulda been that he wore himself out from the previous really good day. Coulda been that the nausea meds made him even drowsier. Coulda been a lack of fluid...

At shortly after 1:00, it was lunchtime for me. Evidently I timed it just right so that Dr. Park could come while I was gone. :-/  He told Harv that it was possible that his queasiness was because he may not have been quite ready to get off IV fluids yet.  So they hooked him up with some just  a little bit ago. Also, they were gonna change the epidural's concentration a little bit in the hopes of helping a bit more with pain management.

I am not sure what the deal was, but it was not actually a very fun day for me. I think he's fine. All his numbers are looking pretty good. Maybe he really DID wear himself out yesterday with his "energy." I don't know. 

But I was teary when I left... I was kinda sleepy all day, too...and I suppose I'm a little bit tired. Maybe I'm subconsciously thinking too much. ???? I 'on't know.  But I'm slightly less perky and enthusiastic than I was yesterday.

I think it's all okay, though. I think it's just been a sluggish day. Am hoping that the IV fluids make him feel better and that we both sleep really well tonight.

I am gonna sit around again tonight and eat leftover lunch and maybe watch some tv. Seems like I oughta be reading and/or writing, but focusing is a problem for me today. I will just flit from one thing to the next and then go to sleep.

Please pray for good rest for tonight. Increased energy for tomorrow and increased appetite, too.

'Preciate you people... 


Maia W said...

It's all the stress, you both are fine1
Praying for you, happy for the great surgery :)

Thinkhappy said...

Hi, I hope today is a better day for you and Harvey. When I had surgery, I was far too tired for three days afterward, with a soar of energy on day 2. Maybe Harvey is experiencing the same thing?

Sending prayers and love to you both.

Unknown said...
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