Monday, February 10, 2014

Our sweet friend, Linda, sent this to me 'cause yesterday was rough.
And, we got through yesterday!  :-)

Today was not yesterday. That is a very good thing.

When I arrived at hospital, he was sitting in the chair and looked way better than when I left last night.

The extra hydration helped, plus they changed the dose of the epidural.  They continue to adjust the meds so he'll be ready to head home in a couple of days. He's taking more oral meds, and the IV stuff is gradually being discontinued.

He walked a lot today and sat up in the chair quite a few times. Tried to eat some...but hasn't really eaten a ton. His system is sort of waking up, but more and more walking will help that happen, too.

It's amazing how tired a girl can get just sittin' around in the hospital... I left for lunch and then left again in time to grab a bite to eat before returning to the hotel. Totally whooped. But feeling way more upbeat than this time last night.

Thank you all for your support and love. I really appreciate it.

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