Sunday, February 9, 2014

Harv's doin' pretty well this morning... He's resting now. They removed the catheter, he can begin to eat real food, and soon he'll get to move to a regular room.

It snowed in Seattle last night, but is not interfering with much. And, I think the temp is gonna go up today so I kinda doubt it will cause much trouble around here.

I've had pretty good night sleeps, but I've been dreaming a lot and I wake up frequently. Would absolutely LOVE to sleep for eight hours without even one teeny tiny interruption. But, things haven't been so bad. I DO love a good night's sleep, though. :-)

We are thankful. We are happy that we have good care. I am grateful that I am able to be in Seattle with Harv. 

Happy Sunday, people. Hope it's a good one for you.


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Marian Hall-Morris said...

Carrie......I'm glad that you got a little bit of sleep. I know that you are absolutely fine though, because your sweetie is fine (from one wife to another...loll). This is truly the kind of update I simply love to hear about !!! Tell Harv that my husband and I are keeping him in our prayers, and we are cheering him on......Go Harv, GFW !!! Much love Carrie, you hang in there, you will be able to get you about eight hours soon, Harv is on his way to a speedy recovery and he will be absolutely fine !!!