Saturday, February 8, 2014

Harvey is doing well this morning. Really pleased with his progress. Dr. Park reminded us that he didn't take very much liver at all which makes this liver surgery a little "easier" on him. 

He has a slight fever (possibly just post surgery inflammation or something relatively minor) and he has some shoulder pain -- which is really annoying. He just got some Tylenol which will help him sleep for a little while. I seriously can't believe how much better he seems this go round than he was at this time last surgery. It appears that his system is working -- so no apparent ileus. Dr. Park said he can start having some liquids so I'm sure he'll order some Popsicles soon. :-) 

Depending on his hematocrit, he may get to move to a "real" room soon if a bed is available. 

He has already been sitting up in a chair for a little while... Last time it was a big production on this day for him to be able to sit. 

He is resting now after a dose of Tylenol... Glad about that.

Celeste, Sarah and Hannah are on their way down today for a visit. 

The sun is shining. I'm listening to Over the Rhine again today and am feeling very thankful.

It's true that God is good... but God would still be good even if Harvey wasn't doing this well. I am thankful, thankful, thankful that things are going well, though!!! And, I am thankful for a skilled surgeon and medical staff who know how to care for my sweet husband. And, I am thankful that I can  post blog updates and know that there are people out there who want to know what's happening and who are praying for us all.

Have a happy Saturday. 

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Marian Hall-Morris said...

My dear sweet Carrie.....I absolutely love the good news I am reading about Harv's updates, as well as how well the surgery went !!!Harv has been on my prayer list for the extra special people I know and are affiliated with!!! I say affiliated because I have not met him personally yet, but I feel as though I have, because of you. I will continue to lift Harv up in prayer, that GOD work one of HIS healing miracles for you guys. Much love to you, Harv, and the girls Carrie !!! {*~*}GOD Bless you all!!!