Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quick Post:

Harv and I went to Seattle this morning so Dr. Park could remove his staples. Harv said it "didn't tickle." And, I think it kinda wore him out.

The pathology report came back and basically told us what we already knew... that Dr. Lin took all of the tumor and cut as close as he could without really having any margin. The pathologist said that the tumor had kind of a "shell" around it, but that it was still positive... We already knew that, but it seemed as if the cancer was contained-ish. 

Then we went to SCCA so Harv could have some blood work done which will help Dr. Lin figure out next steps. We have an appointment with him next week.

Things seem fine, but Harv is very tired today. Could be 'cause we got up so early to go to Seattle combined with the stress of staple removal. Not sure. 

Hoping that he gets a good sleep tonight and has more energy tomorrow.

We continue to be thankful for all that we have been given. And, we continue to be thankful for you.

Many blessings, people. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Harv's doing well... He's taking walks -- some fairly long for a man just two weeks past liver surgery.... He's walked Karma at Galbraith and he's gone from our house to the neighborhood up the street which I think is about a mile and a half! I won't let him take Raney by himself 'cause he's not s'posed to pull, push, lift or carry more than 10 pounds for 6 - 12 weeks. (BTW, a gallon of milk weighs eight pounds)...  I'm afraid if he has to put her on a leash there might be pull, push or lifting involved. Can't do that.

He is pretty nappy too, but dang! He walks a lot! He's started working a bit, too... 

So... to sum up: He's healing nicely.

We have an appointment on Tuesday for him to see Dr. Park and to have his (42!!!!) staples removed. (I will excuse myself from that portion of the check-up.)

We love you. We love you. We love you.

Peace, my friends. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Took a good little walk today.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We are home... Got home at about 12:45 this afternoon. Harv's doing okay. Resting right now, but moving around the house pretty well. I am whooped. I think it's combination everything, but I feel this tired:

Tomorrow I will be more energetic. Thank you friends...

And, now, I'd like to ask you to join me in praying for a friend who was very recently diagnosed with cancer. Her words below:

I wanted to share something on FB and unashamedly ask for your prayers. I found out this week that I have cancer – but a good prognosis. I have a large mass on my right kidney so the entire kidney will be taken out. The mass is also outside of the kidney and up against the liver, but they don’t think it has gone in to the liver. My lymph nodes are not swollen so that is a good sign, and my lungs are clear, so that is a good sign, as kidney cancer often migrates next to the lungs. At this point, the surgeon thinks the cancer has NOT spread and that he can remove the kidney and mass laparoscopically. If this is the case, I will be finished at that point, aside from monitoring – no chemo or radiation. If they find it has spread, the surgery will be more extensive with long healing time and there may be ongoing treatments. Emory has been great to me through all of this and I feel really good about my doctors and surgeon. It was a lot of information to digest in 2 days! We are hoping I can be scheduled for surgery as early as next week. I ask that you all will pray for me that (1) the cancer has not spread, (2) the surgery and healing will go as expected, and (3) that I will walk through this in a manner that Glorifies God in every way. He is in control of it all, and he is good, no matter the outcome. This is not a secret, please feel free to share with anyone who will pray, and add me to any prayer lists you want to. Thank you!!

GoFightWin!, Laura!

They're drawing up the discharge papers... Then I have to get all of his prescriptions... Then pick him up at the front door and then drive home.

It all seems like it should only take a minute or two, but if I recall correctly all of that can take up to an hour or two. So... I'm just sittin' here with my feet up waiting for the word.

I have no idea what kind of bug I had yesterday. I THINK it might've been something I ate. But, I b'lieve "Co-Cola" healed me...  Still working my way up to real food... 

The sun is shining in Seattle right this minute. I am HOPING that it shines all the way home.

Thanks for hangin' in there with us.

We love you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

As luck would have it, I got some kinda bug or food poisoning or something. Was sick all night and I'm not sure I'm finished yet.
Haven't been to the hospital. Don't think I can drive home today. Harv thinks he could use another day there, too.
Please pray that this bug goes away.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Harv is no longer hooked up to anything... Epidural is gone. IV hydration is gone. He's almost a free man! (Still has an IV hooky up thingy in his arm, but that's only if they might need it later.)

He walked a total of 20 laps today! He would say that his system is still not working quite right, but I will tell you that things are gurgling and moving. He can't actually eat real food without some discomfort but I don't think you can say things aren't moving at all. He just has to take it slowly.

Word on the street is that we're gonna be headin' back to Bellingham tomorrow. And that will be good... as long as the patient is sweet and cooperative with the caregiver. :-)

Docs came by just a few minutes ago and suggested that he try some Ensure for a little bit of protein. He'll try a few sips and we hope that it'll go down easily.

I am sittin' here drinkin' a nice lukewarm (the wine chiller at QFC lied to me) glass of rosé (yes, it's February, but I don't really care about that) and trying to unwind.

Harvey has had great care once again. I am thankful that I was able to be down here during his stay.  We'll both be happy to get back home.

Thank you all for keepin' up with us. We love you.

It's not even 7:30 and he's already done 4 laps... Epidural is out. System is working. I'm thinkin' tomorrow we'll head home.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our sweet friend, Linda, sent this to me 'cause yesterday was rough.
And, we got through yesterday!  :-)

Today was not yesterday. That is a very good thing.

When I arrived at hospital, he was sitting in the chair and looked way better than when I left last night.

The extra hydration helped, plus they changed the dose of the epidural.  They continue to adjust the meds so he'll be ready to head home in a couple of days. He's taking more oral meds, and the IV stuff is gradually being discontinued.

He walked a lot today and sat up in the chair quite a few times. Tried to eat some...but hasn't really eaten a ton. His system is sort of waking up, but more and more walking will help that happen, too.

It's amazing how tired a girl can get just sittin' around in the hospital... I left for lunch and then left again in time to grab a bite to eat before returning to the hotel. Totally whooped. But feeling way more upbeat than this time last night.

Thank you all for your support and love. I really appreciate it.
It helps to get a good night's rest. Whew!  Harv slept fairly well and so did I.

He was sitting up when I got here this morning and he has already done four laps around the floor. He's taking the eating thing a little slow just to make sure his system is ready.

Right this very moment, he's resting (and I think I could fall asleep too if I had a bed...)... But he's doing better than he was when I left yesterday.

What a difference a day makes!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today has been a "wonky" day.

I got to the hospital around 9:00-ish. Harv seemed okay, but not especially energetic.  The plan was to let him start eating real food and then move to a regular room shortly.

He was moved at around 11:00-ish. And, by the time he got to his new room, he was a bit queasy and really lethargic.  He did 1/2 a lap around the floor with the O.T. and then tried to eat something. Nothing really did the trick and he gave up shortly after trying.

And, basically, the whole day he had very little energy. Not sure why that was. Coulda been that he wore himself out from the previous really good day. Coulda been that the nausea meds made him even drowsier. Coulda been a lack of fluid...

At shortly after 1:00, it was lunchtime for me. Evidently I timed it just right so that Dr. Park could come while I was gone. :-/  He told Harv that it was possible that his queasiness was because he may not have been quite ready to get off IV fluids yet.  So they hooked him up with some just  a little bit ago. Also, they were gonna change the epidural's concentration a little bit in the hopes of helping a bit more with pain management.

I am not sure what the deal was, but it was not actually a very fun day for me. I think he's fine. All his numbers are looking pretty good. Maybe he really DID wear himself out yesterday with his "energy." I don't know. 

But I was teary when I left... I was kinda sleepy all day, too...and I suppose I'm a little bit tired. Maybe I'm subconsciously thinking too much. ???? I 'on't know.  But I'm slightly less perky and enthusiastic than I was yesterday.

I think it's all okay, though. I think it's just been a sluggish day. Am hoping that the IV fluids make him feel better and that we both sleep really well tonight.

I am gonna sit around again tonight and eat leftover lunch and maybe watch some tv. Seems like I oughta be reading and/or writing, but focusing is a problem for me today. I will just flit from one thing to the next and then go to sleep.

Please pray for good rest for tonight. Increased energy for tomorrow and increased appetite, too.

'Preciate you people... 

Really lethargic right now... Very sleepy and I think a little bit weak feeling. Tried to eat a little bit (sa few tiny bites of saltines and a bite of oatmeal plus a sip or two of coffee -- Oh! And, a sip or two of apple juice.) Sleeping now. Hoping that he wakes up feeling a little bit more "energetic." He's gonna need to do some laps around the floor.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


Harv's doin' pretty well this morning... He's resting now. They removed the catheter, he can begin to eat real food, and soon he'll get to move to a regular room.

It snowed in Seattle last night, but is not interfering with much. And, I think the temp is gonna go up today so I kinda doubt it will cause much trouble around here.

I've had pretty good night sleeps, but I've been dreaming a lot and I wake up frequently. Would absolutely LOVE to sleep for eight hours without even one teeny tiny interruption. But, things haven't been so bad. I DO love a good night's sleep, though. :-)

We are thankful. We are happy that we have good care. I am grateful that I am able to be in Seattle with Harv. 

Happy Sunday, people. Hope it's a good one for you.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Harv's stayin' put in ICU tonight but he's doing well. He's been on a couple of walks and has sat in his chair a few times today. He's drinking clear liquids and is being very pleasant.... The knot in his shoulder is still hurting. Please pray that goes away. (The reason it hurts is 'cause his arms were out in a "T" shape for the six hours of surgery...Not fun.)

I'm back early-ish to the hotel and am just chillin'....

Sarah, Hannah and Celeste came for a few hours this afternoon. We girls had lunch out and they all got to see their Papa for a little while.

Feeling thankful. Praying for healing. Lovin' you people.

Good night.

Harvey is doing well this morning. Really pleased with his progress. Dr. Park reminded us that he didn't take very much liver at all which makes this liver surgery a little "easier" on him. 

He has a slight fever (possibly just post surgery inflammation or something relatively minor) and he has some shoulder pain -- which is really annoying. He just got some Tylenol which will help him sleep for a little while. I seriously can't believe how much better he seems this go round than he was at this time last surgery. It appears that his system is working -- so no apparent ileus. Dr. Park said he can start having some liquids so I'm sure he'll order some Popsicles soon. :-) 

Depending on his hematocrit, he may get to move to a "real" room soon if a bed is available. 

He has already been sitting up in a chair for a little while... Last time it was a big production on this day for him to be able to sit. 

He is resting now after a dose of Tylenol... Glad about that.

Celeste, Sarah and Hannah are on their way down today for a visit. 

The sun is shining. I'm listening to Over the Rhine again today and am feeling very thankful.

It's true that God is good... but God would still be good even if Harvey wasn't doing this well. I am thankful, thankful, thankful that things are going well, though!!! And, I am thankful for a skilled surgeon and medical staff who know how to care for my sweet husband. And, I am thankful that I can  post blog updates and know that there are people out there who want to know what's happening and who are praying for us all.

Have a happy Saturday. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

I visited with him in recovery before he went to ICU. He was uncomfortable (neck pain from the way his arms were positioned during surgery... kind of a knot in his shoulder/neck area) and his abdomen is not feeling totally cozy either... But! He was in good spirits and was joking with me and trying not to laugh ('cause it hurts to laugh).

I can't remember diddly squat (that's for you, Sarah Chute), but i feel like he's perkier this go 'round than he was after the last surgery. Maaaaybe that's 'cause they didn't take out 60% of his liver this time. :-)

Oh! And, btw, Dr. Park said that his liver looks healthy -- the part that didn't have cancer looks good. So! That's good!

I am now in my hotel room -- drinking a glass of wine (later than I like to) and eating a delicious meat and cheese plate that I made for me. I am not gonna set an alarm tomorrow and I will go over when I wake up.

One thing you notice when you're in a good hospital is how many people are working to make sure you &/or your loved one are well taken care of. There are a lot of cogs to the wheel that is University of Washington Medical Center... and I am thankful for every one of them!

Thank you so much for your well wishes and your prayers and your love.
Dr. Park said that the surgery went as well as he could've hoped... I'll try to sum up as best as I can.

He was able to get all of the tumor without cutting the vein. It involved scraping the liver as he removed the tumor.  He got one of the two lymph nodes that were on the scan. It was the bigger of the two. The other one was in a spot that was too difficult to get to without cutting the vein they wanted to avoid cutting. There were a couple of other little spots on the CT scan that Dr. Park could not find during surgery. He said he felt around the liver, but couldn't find them... (Hopefully that's a good thing.)

He lost a fair amount of blood, but didn't have to have a transfusion. His hematocrit is pretty good, but they believe it might go down a little. Dr. Park believes he has a good buffer, though. 

I am currently waiting to go see him in recovery. 

He will spend the night in ICU and hopefully move to a room tomorrow sometime. 

His job will be to do a whole bunch of laps around the hospital floor and to practice breathing into that tube-y thing. Please continue to pray for healing. I'm hoping doing the laps becomes easy very soon.

Thank you so much for loving us.
Surgery is over. They're just finishing up. Waiting to talk to Dr. Park. Then I'll get to go to recovery to see Harv. Thanks for hangin' out with me today.   I'll update more when I know it....

Just took him back for surgery. Will update when i know something more... It'll be about 5 or 6 hours of surgery.

11:55 a.m..

Harv's all sleepy. The epidural is in. Waiting for Dr. Park to arrive.

Surgery update #1

We're checked in... Harv's gettin' prepped for surgery. I'm all sqwunched up in a folding chair in the pre-op room.... We believe they'll give him an epidural and then surgery is scheduled for 11:30.

More as I know it.


Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yesterday, Harv battled Seahawks Victory Parade traffic on his way to and from his pre-op appointment. Thankfully, he allowed plenty of time to get there... It took a while to get home, though. The 12th man was out in force yesterday! We heard that there were between 700,000 and a million people there for the celebration. (I was happy to watch the festivities from the comfort of my home.)

Here is the information that Harv learned from talking with Dr. Park:

The largest tumor (there are some smaller ones) is close to a major hepatic vein. Last liver surgery, when they removed 60% of Harv's liver, they took one vein and one artery. This time, Dr. Park's plan is to cut out all of the visible tumor (and the smaller ones that he can see) and leave that major vein intact. But if, in order to remove that larger tumor, he has to cut into that major vein, he will do that. Harv said that while it's POSSIBLE that that will happen, he doesn't think it's PROBABLE.

If he DOES do that, though, then the portion of the liver that depends on that vein will have to be sacrificed. And, if that happens, then Harv will be left with only the minimum amount of liver nodes that he can have to sustain his life. Which means -- no room for further disease, etc. Dr. Park did say that, if he knicks that vein during surgery, that is okay. Knicks can be repaired.

Surgery tomorrow... Not sure yet of exact time, but we think he'll check in at 9:00. If I recall correctly, the surgery lasted about 6 or 7 hours. 

SO! Please pray:
- that Dr. Park can get all the tumors and lymph nodes that are visible
- that he can get all of those tumors without having to sacrifice any veins
- that Harvey heals quickly
- that he and I both get good rest while we're down there (that can be tricky --- especially for a hospital patient.)

Thank you so much for standing with us.... Wonder if we could make some Seahawks 12th man analogy for our 2014 Harv-support motto???   :-)

Love you.