Thursday, January 16, 2014

CEA has decreased.
CA 19-9 has deceased
Lymph nodes in normal range...

The mass appears larger, but Dr. Lin thinks that the actual cancerous part of that tumor is less than it was. There's no way to really know with a CT scan, but based on the numbers it seems likely that some of that mass is healthy tissue.

Next steps:
Dr. Lin will consult with Dr. Park. Maybe surgery. We'll see.
If not surgery, the most likely next step will be radio embolism (which is radiation directed specifically at the tumor -- internally).
If not that, then he'll have more chemo.
He'll continue with the GMCSF and add a supplement to add some punch to the immune booster situation.

We should know more by early next week.

We are feeling thankful...and continue to be hopeful.

Go Seahawks!

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