Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick little summary

(By the way, I'm typing this during the State of the Union Address and it might not come out exactly right.  :-)  )

Today's appointment:

Dr. Park showed us the tumor on the CT scan and said that he can take the tumor out, but that it's so close to one of the important veins that he won't be able to have much of a margin when he removes it.

He showed us a couple of lymph nodes that also need to be removed.

There is risk that Harv will lose more blood during this surgery because of the tumor's close proximity to this vein...

However, if we choose not to do surgery and go the route of radio embolism first, surgery will then be off the table. That is because, I believe, the radiation will damage the liver and it won't be strong enough for surgery later.

Harv and I have talked (and we consulted with Dr. Lin) and we believe, that with the information we have now, that surgery is the best next step. As soon as we're able to schedule it, we will do it.

Your prayers now for a safe and successful surgery are appreciated.

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