Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a new year with fresh, new goals...

Okay... I'm gonna 'fess up... These are my hopes and dreams for the new year.... the 'fessin' part is that I'm not confident in my abilities to actually follow through with all of my dreams...but I guess that's one reason why they're called "dreams."

I dream of helping some minor girls who are involved in really awful situations. I don't know what that really looks like. It might be that I give money to an organization who rescues these girls and protects them. It might be that I get a little bit more familiar with that life than I am comfortable with. But my hope -- my prayer -- is that somehow, this year, something I do will help at least one girl who's in a situation that seems hopeless.  (I know that there are women 18 and older who are involved in "awful situations" but my heart is steering me toward little girls who are younger than that...)

I dream of NOT being on Facebook all the time. THAT one is a tough one, too, but in a TOTALLY different way obviously. I LOVE connecting with people. I love being able to spontaneously post whatever the hell is on my mind. I love asking for prayer and sharing photos of my walks. I love seeing YOUR photos and hearing about YOUR life. I love learning from you. I could do it ALL. DAY. LONG. (and you may think I do, but I swear, it's not 24 hours a day!).

I dream of writing a REAL letter at least once a week all year long.  I did my first one last week and that means one down, 51 to go.

I dream of running. Running without stopping to walk. Running fast enough to run with Molly Hayes and her friends on a Sunday morning on Galbraith.  :-)

I dream of writing -- finally writing and having published -- my picture book about my parents' front porch. I can NOT figure out how to do it, but it is in my heart...and I think it's a story that needs to be told.

I dream of changing the way I eat so I stop eating so much sugar and stupid stuff at the end of the day and start my day with a good breakfast and lunch so that dinner and after aren't such a big deal.

I dream of painting a real painting that I can hang in my house.

I dream of taking a trip to Europe and eating good food and widening my world a bit.

I dream of being a kinder, more gentle and loving wife and mother. I want to be sweet all the time and I want to be able to give selflessly and enthusiastically. 

It's hard to share dreams... 'cause I don't really want people to notice that I'm not making progress. And, I don't want people to fuss at me if I'm not stayin' on track.  I guess it boils down to "I wanna do what I wanna do."

I wish you all a wonderful new year full of dream fulfillment for you... Thank you for loving me -- and my family.

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