Thursday, November 14, 2013

My brain sometimes is a bit befuddled and I can't remember the sequence of events very well... So, let me just say that over the past week, we have discovered that it MAAAAAAY be possible for Harv to have another liver surgery. We're not sure, but maaaaaaaybe.

So tomorrow, we're going to Seattle so Harv can have CT/PET scans to be sure.  

Now, if the scans look good, then maaaaaaybe Harv can have surgery soon. He just finished a round of chemo which included Avastin so it can't be for at least three weeks, but perhaps before the end of the year. Maybe.

(Over the course of the year, I keep thinking I understand things are gonna happen very soon and then it turns out their "soon" is different than mine. My "soon" is like tomorrow or the next day.)

So, we are hoping that the scans turn out in a very beautiful way.  If you'd like to pray with us, we'll take your prayers. :-)

Thanks so much for loving us. 

Happy weekend to you all!

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