Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterday and Tomorrow....

We saw Dr. Lin yesterday. Harv's CEA count hasn't changed much at all...pretty much hovering at the same spot it's been for a while. All of his other numbers are good. So... Dr. Lin kinda shuffled some stuff around for Harv's next dose of chemo. It'll either be 5FU or Irinotican as just a shot and then some more immune boosters. So, he'll do away with the pump -- which Harv will be happy about. 

It's possible that we will go the route of radiation beads aimed directly (and internally) at the tumor.  Or, it's possible that external radiation will be the next step. OR... if we're reeeeeeaaaaaallly lucky, surgery without radiation. But, in order for that to happen, the tumor(s) will need to shrink. Have they not heard me say that before?! Do those tumors not understand what is expected of them?! They act like children ignoring their mama!

I fussed at Dr. Lin about making such a big deal about Harv's book and not really being enthusiastic about my helping raise money for research.  He smiled a little (and thought I was crazy, I'm sure) and still was more enthusiastic about Harv's book than my fundraising. :-) And, when we left our appointment, he tried to sound very pleased about my contributions towards the ONE POINT NINE MILLION DOLLARS that was raised for FRED HUTCH RESEARCHERS.  But, I know... he's more impressed with Harv. ;-)

Harv's dad is heading home from the hospital today. He's gonna need to behave -- and sometimes he doesn't. Please pray for Harv's mom as she becomes "the boss of him" (JUST KIDDING!!!) and that it's a smooth and happy transition for them both.  Also, please pray that Harv and his siblings can figure out the best way to help -- and that Harv ALSO behaves with his OWN treatment while helping his parents.

We appreciate your prayers for our immediate family and for Harv's "growin' up" family. 

We love you.

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