Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Harv had infusion today... Trip to Seattle tomorrow to see Dr. Lin. Blood work last week showed a fairly steady (and unchanged) CEA count. Today, another drug was added.  Goodness gracious we'd like to see some more progress so that liver surgery can be done. 

Harv's feeling okay. He'll be slightly nauseous and more tired than usual over the next few days, but his spirits are good and we are so thankful that he doesn't have more severe side effects.

In other news, Harv's dad had a heart attack a little over a week ago. Thankfully, he has been well taken care of since then and is recovering nicely. He and Harv's mom have been in Kamloops (about 2 hours from their home) since last Sunday. Not sure how long he'll be staying there. Harv and his siblings have been able to "hang" with Joe and Peggy this past week and that's been good for them all. His dad has made some improvements and has been in good spirits. It is hoped that he will be able to get back home before long. There will need to be a few modifications to the house so that he can get around well and so he can continue to do his many projects. Hopefully, he'll ease back into those and behave. :-)  Please pray for him and for Peggy as they adjust to things. 

We have had a lovely fall this year and are thankful for that.

We also continue to be thankful for all of you.... 

Many blessings.

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Maia W said...

The best for Harvey tomorrow, and for you and the whole family, Carrie.
Always checking how you're doing and praying from you!