Monday, October 14, 2013

A Nice Little Change....

Tomorrow we start the 2nd of our 2 round treatment (this go-round)... And, guess what?! We get to do it all in Bellingham!!! 

We'll go meet a local doctor (but Dr. Lin is still overseeing Harv's treatment plan, etc.) and then Harv will get hooked up to the pump for two days. Then on Thursday he'll start with the daily shot regimen for 12 days. We know that the first few shots will be in Bellingham, but insurance has not granted approval for the 2nd type of shots yet. The nurse thought it would happen and we have a few days. Worse case, I suppose, we'd have to go back to Seattle for those shots.

So...Yay for not having to drive to Seattle anytime soon!

Raney and I got to go to the beach for a few days last week. It was really good for me. I wasted lots of time, walked on the beach, ate some good food, and soaked in the quiet. I was glad to get home, but it was a good thing for me to have that time all by myself.

Harv has been trying to get out most days for a short run with Raney. That's been good for them both. And, the weather has been pretty cooperative.

Hoping that this go-round will show marked improvement and significant shrinkage so that surgery will be possible very soon.

Thank you for your support. 

We love y'all!

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